HAITrans members

Members Barbara Berger-Kuklik barbara.berger-kuklik@univie.ac.at
Justus Brockmann, BA MA justus.brockmann@univie.ac.at
Raluca-Maria Chereji, BA MSc raluca-maria.chereji@univie.ac.at
Univ.-Prof. Dragoș Ioan Ciobanu, PhD dragos.ioan.ciobanu@univie.ac.at
Miguel Rios, PhD miguel.angel.rios.gaona@univie.ac.at
Claudia Karin Wiesinger, BA MA MA claudia.wiesinger@univie.ac.at
Dr. Bartholomäus Wloka, MSc bartholomaeus.wloka@univie.ac.at
Associated members Alina Secară, MA PhD alina.secara@univie.ac.at

Univ.-Prof. Dragos Ciobanu, PhD

Dragoș Ciobanu is Professor of Computational Terminology and Machine Translation in the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies. He investigates ways to improve localization workflows by integrating translation and speech technologies, as well as methods to optimise collaborative translation and training practices. He collaborates with Language Service Providers from around the world and trains linguists from International Organisations to maximize the use of language and project management technologies.

UniVie profile | e-mail: dragos.ioan.ciobanu @ univie.ac.at

Justus Brockmann, BA MA

Justus Brockmann holds an MA in Specialised Translation from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and has several years of experience working in the language industry. He is currently working as a graduate research assistant in the HAITrans team of the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies. His research interests include machine translation and its impact on the language industry, as well as the application of speech technology in revision and post-editing machine translation (PEMT) processes.

UniVie profile | e-mail: justus.brockmann @ univie.ac.at

Raluca-Maria Chereji, BA MSc

Raluca Chereji holds an MSc in Specialised Translation (Scientific, Technical and Medical) from University College London and currently works as a HAITrans graduate research assistant within the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna. Prior to her role, Raluca worked for several years within the translation industry, as both a Project Manager and freelance medical translator. Her research interests include the effects of automatic speech tools on the translation and revision of medical texts, translator workflow practices, as well as narrative medicine.

UniVie profile | e-mail: raluca-maria.chereji @ univie.ac.at

Miguel Rios, PhD

Miguel Rios is a Postdoc in Machine Translation at the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies. He holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics from the University of Wolverhampton. He is developing models for text representation, and Machine Translation. In particular, he is interested in deep generative models for neural Machine Translation. His interests include machine translation, quality estimation, evaluation of machine translation, semantic textual similarity, recognizing textual entailment, word sense disambiguation, and medical informatics.

UniVie profile | e-mail: miguel.angel.rios.gaona @ univie.ac.at

Alina Secară, MA PhD

Alina Secară is Senior Scientist in the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies, where she investigates accessibility practices and technologies, and teaches subtitling, captioning and multimedia localization processes and technologies. She is also a freelance UK Stagetext accredited theatre captioner, and worked with theatres across the UK to create captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. She co-managed the UK University of Leeds contribution to the EU-funded DigiLing Project (2016–2019) to create multilingual, multimedia e-learning resources for digital linguists.

UniVie profile | e-mail: alina.secara @ univie.ac.at

Claudia Karin Wiesinger, BA MA MA

Claudia Wiesinger holds an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Salzburg and an MA in Applied Translation Studies from the University of Leeds and is currently working as a graduate research assistant at the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies. Her research interests include crisis communication and the role of translation, the effects of speech technologies on translation, revision and post-editing machine translation (PEMT) tasks, and computer-aided translation and revision practices. In her doctoral project, she is investigating the applications of speech-enabled PEMT (speech synthesis + PEMT) in crisis translation with the aim of facilitating the work of citizen translators.

UniVie profile | e-mail: claudia.wiesinger @ univie.ac.at

Dr. Bartholomäus Wloka, MSc

Bartholomäus Wloka is Senior Scientist at the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies. As a computer scientist, his main goal is to close the gap between programmers and designers of Machine Translations systems and their professional users, i.e. translation and interpretation experts. His research activities are focused on text alignment and creation of high quality parallel corpora, especially for dissimilar and lesser resourced language pairs. In addition, he is also interested in combining didactic methods and language technology for computer assisted language acquisition.

UniVie profile | e-mail: bartholomaeus.wloka @ univie.ac.at

Barbara Berger-Kuklik

Barbara Berger-Kuklik is Deputy Head of the Office of the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies. Since joining the university in 2005, Barbara has gained experience in planning and executing national and EU-wide projects. From 2008 to 2020, she was working as Assistant to the Chair of Terminology Studies and Translation Technology. As Office Deputy Head, her responsibilities at the Centre for Translation Studies include event management and budgeting, and she has been supporting the HAITrans research group as a first point of contact in all administrative matters since October 2020.

UniVie profile | e-mail: barbara.berger-kuklik @ univie.ac.at